miss selfdistruct (xxjaxxx) wrote,
miss selfdistruct

because i was tagged

1. You must answer honestly
2. You must tag five people

On what date do you usually do the deed? it depends how comfortable i am w/ there person

Should you ever give a relationship a second chance? i think you should...

Have you ever fooled around with a co-worker? yes, we still do from time to time

Who ended your last relationship? i did

Would you ever have a relationship with someone 10 years or more older than you? i already have and i'd do it again

How long could you abstain from sex or masturbation? sex i can go for a while but masturbation i guess it's easier for me to get so i do it when i can

What's your opinion of PDA? Depends on the severity of the PDA.
it depends on the person

What's the first thing you check out on someone you're attracted to? personality ofcourse but i like noses and hands

What are their crimes? What?? ummmmmmm i have no clue

How did you meet your partner? i have no partner

What first attracts you to someone? personality then brains

What is your ideal seduction date? i wouldn't have a clue on how to seduce

Have you ever had a workplace romance? kinda

What's your favorite thing about your partner? no partner

i won't tag anyone ......... just do it if you like
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