miss selfdistruct (xxjaxxx) wrote,
miss selfdistruct

well hello all havn't updated much
if anyof you still read this there's something new and i think i'll start posting again real soon.
i've missed you all.
but i have a favor my new special friend does certain things and i wonder what they mean, now a friend gave me this. so guys read this and tell me do they really mean that.
sorry it's lame i'm just wondering cuz i personal do not think so.

The Constitution of Love

We the lovers of the heart, in order to form a more perfect kiss, enable the hug, and to promote to whom we please, once we've kissed.
Article #1 - The Statement of Love: The Kiss
(1.) on the hand = "I adore you"
(2.) on the cheek = just friends
(3.) on the neck = "I want you"
(4.) on the lips = "I love you"
(5.) on the car = (just kidding!)
(6.) anywhere else = don't get carried away!
(7.) looking into eyes = "I can't live without you"
(8.) hand on waist = "I love you too much to let you go"
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